Sunday, April 21, 2013

Nursery decor plans

When I first found out I was pregnant, I started seeing "Woodland Nursery" themes on pinterest. I got Jake on board right away with the theme and started saving ideas. Jake seems to think woodland means means forest foxes and owls and deer...cute ones not dead mounted ones.

The room that will be the nursery has hardwood floors, so it really needs a big room size rug. Before Jake left for his deployment, he bought a great outdoorsy rug at Shopko. As you will see in the collage, it has maroon, brown, and tan, so that set my color scheme for me. I think I will go with tan paint on the walls.

I find out the gender on May 8th, so after that I'll know if I need to make it a bit more masculine or feminine. I think it can go either way.

Here's my current vision:
This weekend I found this cute box sign, so now I think I'll need to incorporate a little of the sage green color.

Weeks 14-17

I'm still slacking on the blogging! Here's a catch up post with the bump pictures from the last few's really starting to pop out!

Baby bump at 14 weeks...I was in Missouri/Indiana visiting my family this week.
Baby bump at 15 weeks...tunics with leggings are my best friend!

Baby bump at 16 weeks...don't mind the face...not sure why I didn't smile.

Baby bump at 17 to wear jeans all week at work, so I broke out a pair of maternity jeans that I got from my sister.