Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weeks 11-13

I thought once I announced the pregnancy I would be on blogger all the time sharing my experiences and ideas for after the baby comes, but honestly, I didn't expect to be so tired! Working as a teller, I'm on my feet literally the entire work day. That really wears on you when you are pregnant! The last month or so, I've just been collapsing on the couch once I get home. I hit the 2nd trimester yesterday and I'm happy to say I am starting to see why everyone says the 2nd trimester is the best time of pregnancy! I used to get daily headaches that would last all afternoon and evening, I haven't had one of those headaches since last Thursday (knock on wood!) I used to get sick from certain smells (garlic!) but that seems to have passed too. But best of all, I don't feel nearly as exhausted at the end of the day! I've actually been able to do some dishes and laundry the past few days after work.

Here's how the last few weeks have progressed:

Baby bump at 11 weeks...I think my eyes give away just how exhausted I really was.

Baby bump at 12 weeks...starting to show in tighter clothes.

At 12 1/2 weeks, Jake left for a deployment. I will most likely have the baby before he gets home, but I'll post more about this another time.

Baby bump at 13 weeks...holy cow, I feel like it popped out alot!
I honestly was a little freaked out that I'm so big at 13 weeks. I thought maybe I had been overdoing it on food. I turned to pinterest to see how other women look in their 13 week belly bump progression photos, and it turns out that I look pretty average.
My work pants are getting really tight, and I've already searched every store in Great Falls for maternity work clothes with no luck. Thank goodness I'm traveling to Missouri to visit family next week and will get some time to shop in St. Louis for maternity clothes!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pregnancy Weeks 1-10

Here is how the pregnancy has progressed so far:

I found out by a home test before work on Monday, January 14th.

I told Jake on Tuesday with this gift:

I got the confirmation from the base clinic that Thursday.

We told family members on February 3rd, by phone and skype, during the superbowl.

The first appointment, including the first ultrasound was Thursday, February 21st. During the ultrasound we found out the baby was measuring about 9 weeks 1 day, which sets a due date of September 25th. The video of the ultrasound is loaded here.

I announced my pregnancy at the morning staff meeting at work on Wednesday, February 27th.

We announced on facebook with this photo and caption:

Beer - $4
Water - free
Realizing there are 3 people in this photo - priceless.
This is my belly at 10 weeks (not really a baby bump yet, just bloat):

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Baby Mayfield!

That's right...we are expecting! For the past couple months, I have wanted to write lots of posts about being pregnant or baby ideas, but I really wanted to wait on the announcement until after the 1st appointment. I'm only 10 1/2 weeks, but I already have so many ideas churning in my head. More updates coming soon.