Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pregnancy Weeks 1-10

Here is how the pregnancy has progressed so far:

I found out by a home test before work on Monday, January 14th.

I told Jake on Tuesday with this gift:

I got the confirmation from the base clinic that Thursday.

We told family members on February 3rd, by phone and skype, during the superbowl.

The first appointment, including the first ultrasound was Thursday, February 21st. During the ultrasound we found out the baby was measuring about 9 weeks 1 day, which sets a due date of September 25th. The video of the ultrasound is loaded here.

I announced my pregnancy at the morning staff meeting at work on Wednesday, February 27th.

We announced on facebook with this photo and caption:

Beer - $4
Water - free
Realizing there are 3 people in this photo - priceless.
This is my belly at 10 weeks (not really a baby bump yet, just bloat):

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  1. I love, love reading the pregnancy progress and seeing the pics! I look forward to being able to follow along more!!