Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 Christmas Cookie Exchange

This past Sunday, I had my 3rd annual Christmas cookie exchange.
We started out with a fun game...making reindeer antlers with balloons and pantyhose. The object was to be the team with the biggest, badest antlers at the end of the 5 minute time limit.
 It was a laugh for sure!
 Then we tasted a bite of each cookie and took a vote on the best tasting. Brandi won with her applesauce cookies with caramel icing. So good! I will share a few of the recipes in later posts.
 We ended up with 9 different cookies this year.
 I set up a coffee/cocoa/tea bar as well.
 I gave out ornament favors again this year. For these I used cookie cutters, glued ribbon on the outer rim, and added a little tag to remember the event.
I already have some fun ideas for next year's party. It's become a favorite Christmas tradition :)

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