Friday, December 13, 2013

Favorite Things Friday - Skincare

I have always had dry skin, but the pregnancy made it so much worse. I had to find new, ultra moisturizing skin care products and these are the ones that I've stuck with, in the order that I usually use them. 
1. Lancome Creme Mousse Comfort face wash ($25) This is most definitely the one product I couldn't live without. I tried going back to cheaper drug store brands after Cooper was born but ultimately went running back to the department store for this one! 
2. Neutrogena Body Oil ($8) I still have yet to find a body wash that is enough moisturizing, so I end up using this oil after my showers before I dry off. If has a nice subtle scent. 
3. Lancome Tonique Confort toner ($25) Toner is great right after face wash to get a squeaky clean feeding. This one is made especially for dry skin. 
4. Lancome Genefique Eye eye cream ($62) I got this eye cream as a sample when I bought my first tube of Lancome face wash and really love how soft and supple it makes the skin around my eyes. It is definitely a splurge but I bought a jar almost a year ago and still have a lot in it, so it lasts forever! 
5. Lancome Bienfait Aqua Vital face moisturizer ($45) Another product that lasts forever! It doesn't take much to cover your face, but if I skip this step, I regret it later in the day! 
6. Jergens Skin Firming lotion ($8) I can't say I notice it firming, but it is very moisturizing.
7. Covergirl Tinted Moisturizer ($7) One face moisturizer just isn't enough, so I use this tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation. It has very light coverage, moisturizes, and has sunscreen built in. This is hard to find in stores. Walmart never has it, Walgreens rarely has it, the grocery store sometimes has it. The last time I found it I stocked up!   

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