Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vintage Dress

Yesterday, I stopped in at my favorite antique/thrift store, The Barn. I like to do a quick walk through every couple of weeks just to see if there is anything new. I found a few goodies this time! I found a firebird hood ornament that I brought home for Jake...and I found this beauty for me...

I love to look at vintage dresses, but I'm usually reluctant to buy any. I instantly fell in love with this one. The colors and pattern are beautiful, and the fabric is nice, soft cotton. Luckily, I could not find any stains, the white is still a nice bright white, and the skirt is fully lined. A few of the seams are starting to come apart, but the dress is a little loose on me, so I think I might be able to take in the seams a bit. When my mama comes to visit in August, that will be one of our projects :)

The tag is hard to read, but I looked up Vicky Vaughn and found out the brand is Vicky Vaughn Juniors, a junior division of R & M Kaufmann. This blog has a little bit of info about the company. Anyone have an idea of the approximate year? I'll do a little more research to try to find out. The info I found says that the company sold to another company in I guess it must have been made before that.

Look how well it fits!

Could be perfect to wear to a summer wedding.

I love that the fabric is so soft.

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