Tuesday, October 9, 2012

31 Days Challenge - Day 9 - Wreath Redo

A couple of months ago, I posted photos of my Burlap Flower Embellished Wreath. I got some advice from my mom (who used to teach floral design classes) that I really needed more "stuff" on the wreath to have better proportion since the wreath is so big to start out with. I added a bunch more flowers and I have to agree, it looks much better now.

Funny story about these photos...
I wanted to get new photos of the wreath, so I stepped outside the front door yesterday morning and pulled the door shut behind me so the photos would not show an open door. Big mistake...I forgot (again!) that the front door locks behind itself. The side door was also locked, and all of the windows were closed. Oh and it was raining, and I didn't have any shoes on. I checked all of the windows and luckily...there was one window unlocked...the upstairs bathroom window. I had to climb up on top of the BBQ grill, jiggle out the screen and pull myself up through the window. I was not in a laughing mood at the time, but I have to admit it was funny to see Diesel's face when he watched me coming through the window. I'm glad I can laugh at myself now.

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