Sunday, November 17, 2013

4 Months Old

Can you believe it?  Cooper hit 4 months on Thursday!

We've had a great week. We started out the week with another visit to the feeding therapist. She gave us the green light to start breastfeeding 3 times a day. I still have to start him off using the breast shield, then a few minutes after he gets organized I can slip it off and he usually is able to relatch. We still have a lot of work to get transitioned to full time breast feeding, but we are on the right track!

On Thursday, we saw the pediatrician for the 4 month well baby check up. Cooper was 7 lbs 6 oz and 19.5 in long. The nurse said both measurements are at 0%, which didn't concern me because I assumed that was compared to full term 4 month olds, then she said that it was actually only compared to other 4 month olds that were also born at 29 weeks. So even for a preemie he's still tiny. The doctor said that she is not concerned because he is consistently gaining. He should still catch up in a year or so.

Cooper also got his 4 month shots that day. I definitely noticed a difference later that day. Poor guy just wanted to cuddle all day. I took advantage and held him most of the day. He was back to normal yesterday.

Our Quality Life Concepts consultant came by that day and gave me tons of ideas for interacting with Cooper. It's nice to have lots of ideas instead of doing the same songs or games over and over again. When I get a chance I'll try to type them all up to share.

I love how Cooper acts right now. He is such a great baby! He smiles when we talk to him, and especially when I sing to him. He is getting so strong and holds his head steady when we hold him in a sitting or standing position. He amazes me everyday! I'm proud of him, but still kind of sad that he's not going to be my little baby very long.

Cooper has his follow up appointments in Seattle next week. We will be leaving early Monday morning and hope to be home next weekend. We have some great habits going right now so I'm really hoping being away from home doesn't mess those up! Cooper can be put in bed awake and will fall asleep on his own. He also sleeps 5 hours at night, then another 3 after that. He eats every 2 hours during the day, so he definitely has his days and nights straight. I'm so pleased with how well he has taken to this night sleeping arrangement so I'm really hoping the long car trip and possible hospital admittance doesn't mess that up!

Here is a picture before going to the pediatrician on Thursday. Then the picture of Cooper on the day he left Benefis, at about 4 lbs and 2 months old. Big difference! I promise he does usually like being in his car seat, just not in either of these photos!

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