Thursday, March 6, 2014

March Update

My blog post are getting fewer and further between. I guess that just means Cooper and I are having too much fun!

Cooper was 5 months adjusted last week and will be 8 months actual next week. He had his last synagis shot and 2nd flu shot today. No more shots until July! At the clinic this morning he weighed 13 lbs, 3 oz. Still small for his adjusted age, but growing!

I am amazed by this little boy every day. He is really working on sitting up on his own. Today he lasted over 10 seconds before flopping over. Anytime I lay him down, he does crunches to try to pull himself up. He is a pro at flipping from belly to back, but hasn't tried going from back to belly yet. He seems to dislike being on his tummy, so I doubt he will try that anytime soon!

Cooper likes to sit in his booster seat in front of the dining room window, especially when the middle school kids are walking home from school. Yesterday, we had a snow plow going back and forth on the street trying to clear all of the leftover snow. Cooper watched him for a long time!

Cooper LOVES the mirror! I stop by the mirror if I'm holding him as I walk by. He instantly locks eyes with himself, smiles so big, and tries to reach into the mirror! Can anyone tell me, does he know he's looking at himself yet, or does he think it's another baby?

He loves tags and ribbons. He has a Taggies brand stuffed dog and he pulls the ribbons right up by his face to study them. He also finds the tags on his bibs and pulls on them so he can check them out too. He is definitely into imitating us now. He repeats our fake coughs and raspberries. He gets pretty vocal when he's trying to fight sleep and does a high pitched squeal.

Yesterday was a big day. He tried a little bit of rice cereal! The pediatrician recommends not starting him on solids until he is 6 months adjusted, but to get him ready for spoon feeding, we are going to practice with rice cereal every couple of days. The nurse said he might be hesitant and spit it all out, but the kid loved it! He was opening his mouth in anticipation before I could get the spoon back to his mouth!

We are gearing up for the March for Babies. We are walking here in Great Falls on May 10th and have a team with our friends who had twins at 31 weeks. If you are untested in walking with us, or just want to donate for research to help preemies like Cooper, please let me know!

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