Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Update

So much has happened in the past month. Cooper hit 6 months adjusted on March 25th, and turned 9 months actual yesterday, April 14.

When he turned 6 months adjusted, we started solid foods. First squash, then sweet potato, pear, green beans, banana, and apple. He does very well with all foods, but certainly prefers pear and apple. It's tough to get in the first few bites, but once he gets the taste, I can't shovel it in fast enough! Next up, carrot, plum, peaches, and peas!

Cooper enjoys it when we sing, but really seems to like Taylor Swift, specifically the song "Trouble." His favorite game is to stand while holding my hands and rocking while I sing "Row your Boat." He also loves peek-a-boo, either with us hiding behind a blanket and popping out, or by throwing a blanket over his head and letting him yank it off.  Guaranteed giggles!

Cooper sits pretty well. He's still not balanced enough that I feel comfortable leaving him alone while sitting, but he can sit independently for sometimes up to a minute before losing his balance. He reaches for everything (especially my hair!) and everything goes straight to his mouth.

Two weeks ago, we tried cloth diapering. I found a deal on some Alva Baby diapers at a yard sale, so we decided to at least see if it's as gross as it sounds. It's so much easier than I expected! We are now part time cloth diapering. I'm still a bit scared to try them out of the house or overnight, and we really don't have enough diapers to full time cloth diaper. I am on the look out for some more of this same brand at a great price, and hope to eventually use only cloth diapers.

On Sunday, I caught a glimpse of white in his mouth, so I felt his gums and was pretty sure I felt a tooth. I was a little skeptical because he hasn't really been acting fussy lately, but at his 9 month appointment the doctor used a tounge depressor and without a doubt his bottom left tooth is visible and she said it's neighbor is not far behind! Sure enough, he had a restless night last night and I'm pretty sure we witnessed full on teething pain this evening. Hopefully the Tylenol helps him sleep better tonight!

At his 9 month appointment, Cooper was 14 lbs 6 oz (0%) 24.6 in long (0%) and had a 42.5 cm head circumference (14%.) His weight vs. length is 49%. The doctor is still not concerned about his weight and height being below the chart. He is growing and looks great. He is very healthy, so she says his size is perfectly fine.

We really love our pediatrician but she told us that the Air Force is eliminating her contracted position and will have the active duty nurse practitioner take on all of the pediatric patients. We will miss her so much, but changing doctors often is just another aspect of being a military family. At Cooper's 1 year appointment, we will meet our new pediatrician.

We've had a couple of non Cooper related changes as well, but I'll save those for separate blog entries.

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  1. Oh my goodness! His little cloth diaper is so cute! He is getting chubby =) A-dorable. Good to hear that he is doing well! I love seeing his pictures!

    As a fellow NICU mom, your doctor sounds wonderful! Our pediatrician told us not to worry about weight either as long as she was eating and sleeping and pooping! lol Now she is a very healthy, tall and skinny almost three year old =) He will catch up I promise!