Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm sorry....

to my few readers! We have been having internet problems. Well, I guess you wouldn't really call it problems, we just don't have internet anymore. Jake had regular internet when he first got to Italy, then when he was deployed, he had it turned off. He tried to get it reconnected when we both got here, but the company was never able to get it connected correctly. I believe we never should have had to pay for the set up fee, 2 months of use while we were trying to get it working, and the cancellation fee when it never even worked, but that's the way Italian companies work, they do whatever they want. So we stopped paying them for nothing and started buying pay-as-you-go internet. We ended up paying about 25 euro and our supposed 100 hours would actually only last us about 15 hours. Anytime we would get disconnected, the time we had spent would be rounded up. I really don't like how Italian companies can get away with ripping people off. There is no accountability with these things. Can you tell I'm ready to be back in the good ol' USA?

Now that I'm done complaining, long story short, we have no internet unless we go to the base to use the free wi-fi. Thus explains why I have not blogged in a WHOLE MONTH! I promise to try to get in at least 1 blogging day per week from now on!

Now, on to play catch-up!


  1. maggie please have jake call soon love you both mom/sandy

  2. Maggie, Germany is the same way! We get charged for everything here! One time, our internet box went out, we called the company for help and they said, we'll send some one out right away. I suppose the technician came from about 30 min away. Once he got there, he said "yes, your box is out so you will need to purchase another one" "Okay, 75 euro will be charged on your next bill"! NO CUSTOMER SERVICE in Europe! We are ready to be back in the good ole USA too! Where do you find all of these recipes?? Some of them look really yummy! Take care!