Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First Kiss

I have an incredibly weak memory, and have forgotten almost everything from our "dating years" but a few years ago, I wrote down what I remembered of this moment, and I'm so glad I did! Now I will never forget this memory!

It was in the Fall of 2001, probably late October. It was the night of a home football game, one of those really cold, curl up under a blanket on the bleachers kind of nights. Jake and I had gone on a date the weekend before, and talked to each other on the phone every chance we got. He came up to me at the game and asked me if I wanted to come by his house after it was over so he "could beat me at a video game." I wasn't much of a gamer, but it gave me an excuse to hang out with him, and our little competition was the perfect way to flirt. We did hang out at his house (I don't remember, but I'm sure I lost the video game!) but I had to be home by midnight so he walked me out to my car at about 5 till 12. He was wearing Carhart overalls with a tee shirt, but he didn't put on a coat because he didn't think he would be out there for very long. Well, we ended up leaning on my car talking for AN HOUR! I had only moved to North County a few months before that so we talked about our families and friends and our childhoods! It kept getting later and later, and colder and colder. I made fun of him because his teeth were chattering! Finally once it was almost 1 in the morning (way past my curfew) he insisted I needed to go. So I smiled and said "Well, I'm not leaving until I get a kiss." You all know I'm shy so that was a pretty bold move for me! He leaned over and I got my kiss! I used to joke that he only kissed me to get rid of me! I drove home and hoped mom and dad were asleep. Well when I walked in mom was wide awake sitting on the couch talking on the phone. I thought I was dead meat! I was just sure she was going to be furious with me. Well, she wasn't, she was talking to one of her best friends, Liz, and I guess Liz put her in a really good mood because she just casually asked where I had been and asked some questions about Jake, but I didn't get in trouble! Good thing, because if I had gotten grounded I might not have gone on another date with Jake!

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