Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dress Shirt to Wine Bag

On pinterest, I saw this photo from thenshemade on the instructables website.

She used the leg of a pair of jeans to make a bag, which got me thinking that maybe a pant leg would make a great wine bag! I pulled out a pair of jeans from the yard sale pile to try it out, but it turns out adult pant legs are too big (if you have some child size jeans laying around, that might work) This made me think that a jean jacket would probably be perfect. I have a jean jacket, but I still wear it, so no way am I going to cut it up! Instead, I picked a dress shirt from my yard sale pile.

I used a woman's dress shirt, but I don't think a men's shirt would be much larger in the wrist area, so it should work also.

I used a standard wine bottle to eyeball the length I would need. I left about an inch at the bottom of the bottle to allow for the seam.

Then I turned the arm inside out, and sewed a few rows to close the bottom of the bag.

Turn it inside out and you're done!

What do you it cuter with the cuff rolled down...

Or all buttoned up?

Including time to let the iron heat up, this project took less than 5 minutes!

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