Sunday, May 6, 2012

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Night

I'm amazed that I am writing this post after 9pm...and it is still light outside! Summer is coming soon and I'm excited for it! Jake is at training in California for a couple of weeks, and when he gets back we will be preparing for a camping trip at Glacier for Memorial Day. We have a few other plans for this summer as well.

I scheduled a week off work in June so Jake and I could go to Chicago. We haven't been on a vacation together since...well...I guess never. Unless you count Whitefish weekend getaway last August as a vacation. It was only 2 I don't think that counts as a vacation. My last full week off work was February 2011, when I went to visit my sister after she had her twins. Jake hasn't even been back to Missouri since June 2010. Wow...that sounds depressing. Anyway, I have a full week off in June, so Jake and I were planning to go to Chicago, we even have money set aside specifically for that trip. After checking airline ticket prices, we decided that type of trip is just too expensive. We'll have to put off Chicago plans for a time when we live closer and won't have to pay so much just on travel. So...I still have that week off work, any suggestions of where we should go that is within driving distance from Great Falls, Montana? I was thinking Edmonton, Alberta, or Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. Edmonton would have lots of shopping and restaurants, whereas Coeur D'Alene would be more relaxing on the lake. It's just a few weeks away so I really need to figure something out.

In July, we will have our 4th annual 4th of July party. The 1st annual 4th of July party was our wedding, then the last two years we had friends over for a backyard BBQ, so it's become a tradition.

In August, my parents are coming to visit. I'm looking forward to showing them beautiful Montana.

On a side note, the lilac bush beside my driveway is blooming. I get to smell that wonderful scent everytime I walk to the garage.

Since Jake is out of town, I should have some extra time to write on the blog. In fact, I've been thinking about finally posting my thoughts on when to start a family, so I'll work on that this week.

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