Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This is why I haven't blogged in a while

I've been working on a big project the last few weeks. I have become known around work for my sewing abilities. A friend from work asked me a few weeks ago if I could make a dress for her daughter's 2nd birthday party. She showed me a photo of a dress that she found on Etsy. The dress was made with Dora fabric and had lots of puffy ruffles...perfect for a 2 year old!

I'll admit that I was very scared to take on this project. I feel comfortable making pillowcases and baby blankets...easy stuff. But I had never made a dress...or really any kind of clothing. I told her I would try my best and worried about it for a week before I finally cut into the fabric.

Now that the project is done, I have to admit that I really enjoyed it! I had some frustrating moments and do-overs, and had my first experience with sewing elastic, but even I was impressed with how cute it ended up!

Nilma says she likes it even better than the one she first saw on Etsy, which was being sold for around $90. We figured that the actual cost of the materials for the one I made came out to about $20.

Now that I know making clothes isn't too scary...I finally have the confidence to start on some of the clothes I have been planning to make for myself.

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  1. Super cute Mags! You never cease to amaze me with your talents!