Thursday, January 10, 2013

Maybelline BB Cream

Have you heard about BB Cream? It's a new type of makeup that most makeup companies, from Dior to Maybelline, are now selling. This product is supposed to be lighter than a foundation, but have lots of skin care benefits, such as SPF 30 and hydration.

I've never liked foundations...way to thick! For years, I've used Covergirl tinted moisturizer and a thin layer of mineral powder. As Covergirl introduces new products, it is getting hard to find my tinted moisturizer. Walmart no longer sells it and Walgreens is hit or miss. When I heard about BB Cream, I decided it might be worth a try. I went for the cheap one I could get at the drugstore.

This is Maybelline's BB Cream. I bought mine at Walmart in the "Medium 120" color.
I have used this instead of my tinted moisturizer for about a week and I love it! With dry Montana winter weather, my skin has been very dry, and I've had to use a lotion moisturizer in addition to the tinted moisturizer. The BB Cream seems to be more moisturizing than the tinted moisturizer because my skin doesn't feel tight and dry by the afternoon. My skin feels smooth and still feels fresh even after work.
I highly recommend Maybelline's BB Cream for anyone else that doesn't like the heavy feeling of most makeup.

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