Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Living Room Decor

On new year's day, Jake and I repainted our living room. We went with a mellow sage green, with the vision of a hunting lodge in my head. I love how the green turned out and it looks great with our dark brown leather and wooden furniture.

Today we hung up Jake's deer antlers, one set on each side of the TV, and plan to refinish Jake's dad's shotgun to hang between those, directly above the TV.

I also rehung the quilt rack on the largest wall with the intention of hanging a "lodge" looking quilt. I don't want to get a quilt that is overly theme-y with actual animals and pinecones on it. I just want to find a quilt that has lots of plaid and deep greens and reds.

The only one that I have found that I kind of like is this one from pinterest. What do you think? Will it go well with the theme?

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