Sunday, January 20, 2013

30 B4 30 Update

Almost a year ago, I posted about my 30 B4 30 List. I'm down to less than 2 years to complete the list, so I think I'll do a little update.

1. Make a travel map
2. Get lasik (obviously a dream goal...probably will be the hardest to achieve because of the money)
3. Have a yard sale at least once a year (I had one last year, planning anothe this spring)
4. Read my fancy camera book (I've skimmed it a couple of times, it's still sitting next to the couch)
5. Try canning
6. Save $3600, that's $100 a month (Jake and I are both putting $100 a month in a joint savings)
7. Learn to do fancy makeup for events (I tried a youtube tutorial for the masquerade party and recieved lots of compliments!)
8. Run in a 5K
9. Perfect the meatball sandwich (Made some here, and I think this recipe's a keeper!)
10. Visit the Pacific Northwest in fall.
11. Have professional photos taken with Jake
12. Donate blood (with my past experiences of donating blood, this might be hard to do)
13. Learn about the stars (I downloaded the google sky map app on my's basic, but it's a start!)
14. Prevent wrinkles (I bought a cleanser/moisturizer/eye cream system and have been using it often)
15. Volunteer at least 4 times a year (got it done last year, none so far this year)
16. Do the 30 Day Shred for 30 full days
17. Start on a Master's Degree
18. Floss everyday (doing better...still not everyday)
19. Design my own fabric
20. Become a sharp shooter (or at least comfortable with a gun in my hand - definitely feel more comfortable)
21. Take a horseback ride
22. See the Cubs play at Wrigley Field with Jake
23. Learn the basics of football
24. Cut out soda (I haven't had any since I started WW)
25. Get to my goal weight (only 10 lbs. less than my current weight)
26. Have a spa day
27. Send homemade birthday cards
28. Pay off my student loan (I'm getting close and still paying well over the minimum due)
29. Piece a quilt (have it cut and ready to sew together)
30. I'm leaving this one open to be filled when I think of an awesome one!

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