Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pop/Soda/Coke Debate

One of the first things I noticed moving to Montana, is that all of the locals call soft drinks pop. All the girls at work will ask "Do you want a pop?" I also made some friends from Texas, and they call it matter what kind of soft's called coke. I say that's silly. It's called soda! Soda is the correct title...right?
Well, I found this map on pinterest. The green represents the regions that call soft drinks soda, brown is pop, and blue is coke. I grew up right in the middle of that green region in the of course soda sounds right to me.
My mom jokes that when she was growing up everyone called it sodie-pop, and as it turns out, she grew up right on the border of green and brown.
I'm interested to know what the people in the white regions call it.

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