Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Care Package

When Jake is deployed, I love to put together care packages. It's always hard to come up with items to include that won't get too expensive. I found some great items at the Dollar Tree....for $1 each!
Wet wipes are handy since it is very VERY hot where he is right now!

I think the Glade air freshener will be used since he is living in a tent with a few other guys. That has to be stinky!

Jake has been complaining about the noise of the airplanes, so I thought earplugs might be helpful!

He also mentioned that the gym does not supply sweat towels, and he can only find wash cloths and bath towels at the store there, so I found a couple of hand towel sized towels for him to use.

I always throw in all of his car parts catalogs that show up in the mail, some snacks, and drink powders to mix with water. He never wants to bring home more luggage than he takes, so I never send anything that he will feel the need to bring home.

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