Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pregnancy - Keeping It Real

Oh man....that last couple of weeks have been rough. I'm really FEELING pregnant now. My belly feels so big and there is alot of pressure...and my heels and back are killing me by 5pm. It's definitly starting to feel real.

Everyone wants to know if I've felt the baby move yet...but no...I'm pretty sure I haven't. The only thing I've felt is what feels like something scrapping the inside of my body kind of left and down from my belly button. Since this happens multiple times a day I thought maybe that was the baby, but everyone tells me that it will feel like butterflies...and that what I'm feeling is probably round ligament pain.

I told myself it's ok that I haven't felt it, that they say most people feel it between 18-22 weeks, with some as early as 16 and some as late as 24. But with so many people telling me that I should feel it by now because they felt it at 16/17/18 weeks, I'm starting to wonder. I know the baby is fine and I know everyone is different, but I haven't talked to anyone yet who HADN'T felt the baby by now.

On a positive note, I've noticed more of the 2nd trimester energy lately. On work days, I'm still exhausted by quiting time, but weekends are fabulous! A couple of weekends ago, I had a spurt of energy and cleaned that entire upstairs! Then last weekend, I cleaned up the front and back yards, set up the front porch, and started painting the master bedroom. The spurts of energy are great, but I've noticed that after working all weekend, my body (specifically my back) is really sore and worn out.

But I have to make the most of the energy I have right? It's the weekend again and I feel like I'm ready to go, so I'm going to do a little cleaning this morning, then I'm going to a networking lunch for the pregnant spouses from Jake's squadron, then when I get home I plan to continue on the master bedroom painting.

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