Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weeks 18-19

Just this past week, I feel like this bump has really popped out. Looking at the pictures, it doesn't look much bigger last last week, but wow it feels big and it feels full!

Week 18

Week 19

A funny fact about these two weeks...I started painting the master bedroom last weekend (was supposed to be painting the nursery and on a whim decided to paint the master first instead) so I stripped the room of everything but the mattress. Because of that I've been sleeping on the recliner every night and I have to admit that it's more comfy than the bed. I guess once I'm done painting and get the bedroom put back together, we'll see if I actually move back to the bed or stay on the recliner.

This week is a very exciting week! I have an appointment on Wednesday (I'll be exactly 20 weeks) and get my 20 week ultrasound...which means I'll probably find out the gender of the baby! Jake is going to try to skype during the ultrasound so he can find out at the same time as me. I have a feeling it's a girl...but we will see!

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