Saturday, May 11, 2013

Week 20...Gender Reveal!

Week 20

This has been such an exciting week! On Wednesday, I hit 20 weeks and got to have my second ultrasound. We tried to Skype during the ultrasound, but we couldn't get the video to work, so we ended up just talking on the phone during instead. He still got to hear everything that I saw. I was also given a DVD again with over 9 minutes of the ultrasound highlights.

Let me remind you what we were thinking it would be. We were both hoping for a boy, but I had a strong "intuition" that it was a girl.


it's a BOY!!!
The ultrasound tech stopped at a spot and said "This is the gender you see anything" and I said "Well, it looks like there's something sticking out right there" She confirmed that it is a boy and the first thing Jake said was "Well, I was going to buy a new rifle, so I guess I better buy two!"
Seeing him on the ultrasound was amazing! I just can't believe how they are able to get such great shots and can tell what everything is. The entire time, he was in an funny position, with his feet up by his forehead and his butt sticking up. It certainly didn't look comfortable, but he seemed to be fine with it.
Everything looked perfect on the baby, but she did mention that she was going to let the OB know that I have a low lying placenta. Low lying placenta just means that the placenta attached close to the birth canal and could at some point cover the birth canal, causing the need for a possible C-section. She told me (which I confirmed later by looking online) that in 95% of cases with low lying placenta, the placenta moves up as the uterus stretches upward and that once it's time to give birth it should not be an issue. One good thing about this is that I will get to have another ultrasound at around 28 weeks, just to be sure that it is indeed moving up. Usually Tricare (military health insurance) will only cover 2 ultrasounds, 8 weeks and 20 weeks, but I will get to have at least 1 more!
Everyone's first question when I tell them it's a boy is to ask if we have a name picked out. That's a tough one. If it were a girl, we both agreed on a name long ago. But boy names are tricky, we both have a favorite and it doesn't sound like either of us are going to give in anytime soon. I love Reid, and Jake loves Cooper. The middle name will for sure be Wayne (Jake's middle name which was passed down from his dad.) I call him Reid when I'm talking to him, but Jake refers to him as Cooper, so I really don't know which one of us will give in first. I guess we will see in a few months!
Another very exciting thing that happened this week...I for sure felt him move for the first time. On Thursday, I had an appointment with the eye doctor, and while I was sitting down, leaning forward, with my chin on the strap, concentrating on keeping my eyes wide open, I felt a light push outward just under my belly button. I held in my excitement (so the eye dr. wouldn't find it odd) but I was certain it was the baby and not just gas.
That next morning, Friday morning, I woke up to light pushes all around my belly button, which just confirmed to me that it was for sure him that I was feeling. I joke that he is probable full on kicking me, but it just feels like a light tap from inside because he is still so tiny (about 7 inches from head to rump and 13 ounces) Again this morning, Saturday morning, I felt him as I was waking up, so it seems that early morning is his active time. It's amazing to feel, but it makes me not want to get up. I just want to lay there all day feeling him move.
Today, I finally finished painting the master bedroom, so I'll be able to start decorating in there tomorrow and hope to have new photos to post this week.

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  1. I am going to call him Bilbo until something (else) is written on his birth certificate.