Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Coming Home/ 2 Months Old/ 9 Weeks Old

Yep,  we've been a little busy this past week. Here's what we've been up to.
Last Tuesday night I stayed the night at the hospital in Cooper's room. They call it rooming in. The nurses didn't come in for cares but were available in case I had any questions. It was kind of a trial run.
On Wednesday, Cooper had his circumcision and that afternoon we packed up and came home... with Cooper!
Thursday morning we met the pediatrician on base and Jake and I got our flu shots.
Cooper turned two months on Saturday and 9 week on Sunday!
Monday, we traveled to Missoula, 3 hours away, for Cooper's eye exam. His eyes developed just how they should and look just like a full term baby's eyes should look!
Other than those outings, we have just been hanging out at home. I'm just so happy. Life is so good!

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  1. Look at how precious he is.....he looks so content and happy to be home with his momma and daddy! Cooper couldn't have asked for better parents!