Monday, September 9, 2013

It's Happening!

Nurse S confirmed with me that Cooper is going home Wednesday! In preparation for the great escape I started filling out paperwork, the nurse set up our first appointment with the pediatrician on base, Dr G, and Cooper got his 2 month immunizations. I stayed in the room for his shots but didn't watch. I could certainly hear though! Really he did pretty good. One big cry when they poked him, then he just stuck out his bottom lip. I commented to the nurse that he got over it pretty quick and she said that he's been through much worse. I guess a couple quick pokes is better than IVs or drawing blood. Dr R will be here on Wednesday and he is the only neonatal Dr that preforms circumcisions, so we got lucky that he will get to have it done before going home. Now that we have a date, we just wait. 

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