Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rough Times

Yesterday was incredibly hard. Cooper did not seem to be feeling any better. He was still on the ventilator, did not have any bowel movements, and his face got so puffy he didn't even look like my little boy anymore. He looked like he was just miserable.

Thankfully today is going much better. He is still incredibly puffy, but when I spoke to him this morning he cracked his eyes open and moved his eyes toward me. It was so wonderful to see him alert. He was extubated at about 10 this morning and I think he was instantly happier!

Soon after, I was able to hold him and offer him a pacifier. I really needed to hold him. It helped improve my attitude and outlook compared to yesterday. He had his eyes wide open (as open as he could get them with the puffiness) and moved his eyes toward each person who came in the room and spoke. No doubt he is feeling so much better!

We still have quite a road ahead of us. He cannot be fed until he has a BM, but he has had some very good toots so I hope it happens soon! If he gets back to normal and shows that he is up to it, they will do the elective hernia surgery at the end of next week to close the opening and ensure that the hernia does not cause issues again. This is best case scenario. If he does not get back to normal, things will be pushed back later.

Thank you everyone for the prayers. It is so great to have so many people who care about little Cooper!

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