Monday, September 2, 2013

So Proud

Cooper has had a fantastic day, and we didn't even see it coming!

When I walked onto Cooper's room this morning, I went to his isolette to greet him as I normally do. I thought to myself "he sure looks good today!" Then the custodian, E, popped her head in the door and said he must be happy that he lost a machine. I turned around and noticed his respiratory machine for the high flow cannula was gone. Then I turned back to Cooper and noticed the nose cannula was gone!

I think I got so used to Cooper having a cannula in his nose that I didn't even notice it anymore. I learned to look past it to see his beautiful face. Therefor, I didn't even notice it was gone! He sure does look handsome without it though!

He has been keeping his temp up and they will possibly lift the top of his isolette tomorrow. So now he is off all respiratory support and regulating his own temperature. The only other thing he needs to do to be able to go home is eating all of his feedings by mouth, whether bottle or breast.

We were offering Cooper bottle or breast 3 times a day after cares. Dr K changed that today so we are able to offer bottle or breast on demand. Because of this change I was able to nurse 3 times so far today. I thought he might last a few minutes then we would have to supplement with gavage feeding through the tube, but he has done so good! The last two times he has nursed he did the full 15 minutes on each side that the nurses recommend, so we let him go without any supplementing. He it's acting like a pro!

I don't want to get ahead of myself, but if he keeps this up we may go home very soon! Nurse T told us today that he's almost ready. We (Jake and Maggie) are almost ready too. His car seat will be delivered tomorrow and the nursery is set up. We just need a bookcase to hold all of his books and to hang some things on the walls. It is move in ready though.
It's so crazy to look back to just a week ago. Last Sunday night was a scary, sad night. Today was a perfect, happy day. He has come so far in just a week. I think everyday I see him looking more and more like a full term newborn, now he is acting like one too. Life is good!

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  1. Amazing!!!!! Brings tears to my eyes..cant wait to see the mayfields all home together!