Sunday, October 6, 2013

12 Weeks

I'm way behind on bogging. I fully intended to blog on Friday, but it was a pretty busy day. Then I intended to blog yesterday but we spent the entire day working on Jake's homework.

No joke... the ENTIRE day! This week he had his usual weekly conference posts due, but also has the midterm paper due this evening. We hadn't even started on the paper until yesterday. We both researched and typed away all day yesterday and most of today, but it's finally done! He probably wouldn't have signed up for an accelerated 8 week online course if he'd known we were going to be away from home. We're halfway done with political science, and once this course is done he will only need to take public speaking to be done with his associates degree!

So on with the Cooper update. Cooper had his hernia surgery Friday morning. He did so well! They did not want to have to intubate him again, so the plan was to give him an epidural. If he was still squirmy, they would give him a sedative to sleep. If he was still moving, they planned to completely put him under with anesthesia, which would mean he would probably need the breathing tube. The surgeon came to talk to us after and told us he was completely surprised that the epidural worked perfectly and Cooper slept on his own, without needing anything extra! He said the entire surgery couldn't have gone any better! Cooper had Tylenol for the pain for the first day, but yesterday at about noon we decided to not give it to him to see how he does and he has been happy without it.

He does still have a feeding tube. OT/PT has been working with him to make sure he is not asperating while eating. Depending on how long this therapy takes, we may be here for another couple of weeks or they may send him home with a feeding tube. I am so ready for him to just be off all support, but if he needs it and it means we can go home sooner, it is worth it. The feeding tube will be more convenient than the oxygen was as the feeding tube can be capped off and disconnected from the pump, so most of the time he will be easily mobile.

Today Cooper is 12 weeks old. I'll try to update as we find out the plans, but as of now they don't really have a plan. They want to set up a feeding plan and make sure he is gaining on his own, then we will go from there. 

It's so great to have Jake in Seattle with us! He got here on Tuesday and I think he's making up for the two weeks they were apart. He always steals him from me to hold him or feed him. He's a good daddy! 

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