Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back To Work

I recently made the decision to go back to work while Cooper is in the NICU. The nurses say with babies that stay long term, it is common for moms to work so they can take off again when baby comes home. 

Luckily, my boss and supervisor have been amazing. We worked it out so I'm working part time, only about 4 hours a day. I'll get up early and get ready for work, then get to the hospital by 8 am for hands on time with Cooper. Then go to work from about 11-3, the perfect time to help cover lunches. Then back to the hospital to hang out with Coop before his 5 pm cares.

The only wrench in the plan is pumping. I know they will give me a break to pump, I just need to do trials the first few days to see when is the best time. Today is going to be my first day back so wish me luck. Here's hoping it all comes back to me quickly!

Coop is doing well this morning. He got eye drops to dialate his eyes because he has his first eye exam today. Hopefully his eyes are developing like they should and he won't have any long term issues.

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