Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No Steps Forward Or Steps Back

Cooper got his blood transfusion on Sunday. It wasn't too hard on me. I just know it was something that had to be done so now we move on. By the time I left the NICU on Sunday he was already nice and pink! Yesterday he seemed to feel a lot better. He was feisty during his cares moving around a lot. By the evening, though, he was wiped out. They started feeding him a small amount of milk again yesterday and he is digesting it well. He gained 20 grams yesterday bringing him up to 2 lbs 11 oz. Yet again we're getting close to 3 lbs! Hopefully this time he continues to gain instead of dropping weight.

Yesterday, the doctor was hopeful that they could try to take out Cooper's breathing tube again. He would go straight to the nose cannula, but we would all prefer the cannula over the breathing tube. It would be much less invasive as it only blows air into his nose instead of directly into his lungs. This would give him a chance to show us if he's ready to breathe on his own again. Sadly, he did not have a very good night last night. He dropped his blood oxygen level often, so he will be on that tube at least a couple more days.

I was so hoping to get rid of that tube. I'm pretty sure Cooper hates it. It makes him gag and anytime the nurses have to clean it out I can tell by his face that he is crying, but the tube blocks his vocal cords. It makes me feel so helpless when I can tell he is crying but I can't hold him or comfort him. And I have to let the nurses continue to do things that I know cause him discomfort because I know it's good for him in the long run.

As I keep saying, I know it will just take time for all of his issues to get sorted out. I just wish time would go by a little faster so he can get healthy and come home where he belongs.

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  1. He is on his way to 3 lbs.! On the breathing tube just a few more days to build up his strength and gain a little more. You should get a box from Barnes and Noble later this week with some books for Cooper - I think he would like to hear you read Pokey Little Puppy first!