Saturday, August 3, 2013

No Real Progress

The last two days have been a lot of the same. On Thursday they decided that because of how much secretions he was having and how often it was plugging up his breathing tube, they switched him to a larger breathing tube. He was doing well with that and had gotten a better skin color, with very few episodes of dropping his blood oxygen level. They told me that he would possibly go back to the CPAP with a nose cannula today. I was really happy about that because poor Cooper often gags because of the breathing tube.

When we came in this morning the nurse told us that they took him off the ventilator and tried him on the CPAP, but that he quickly showed them that he was not ready to breath on his own again. So he is back on the breathing tube, probably for at least 3-5 more days before they try to take him off again.

Because baby IVs have to be moved every couple of days, they put another picc line in. This can be used as an IV for a longer period of time. They will start his food through the feeding tube today, but again it will be a slow increase so he will need those IV fluids to supplement. He is also on a series of six shots and as long as he has an IV, they can give it to him through that instead of poking his skin more.

The good news is that they feel certain that he does not have an infection. The test came back negative. His color is fairly good today and he is a bit more alert during his care times, but he is showing us that he still needs to rest. Last night he weighed 2 lbs 8 oz.

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