Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Boy

Before and after photos...what's the difference?

Yay! They extubated Cooper's breathing tube today and now he's back on the nasal cannula. Dr R was hesitant to make this step since Cooper did not do well with the extubation they tried on Saturday but Nurse C advocated for us and convinced the Doc that Cooper was ready. I'm so glad she did because I think he is loving it! He is doing great keeping his heart rate and oxygen level up. The few times he dropped his heart rate he instantly brought it back up on his own. Finally a step forward! 

Other than that no big changes. They are slowly giving him more milk, up to 5 mL every 3 hours. He also seems more alert today than he has been in a couple of weeks. Go Cooper!


  1. Looks like hes getting some cheeks! Good job Cooper! Keeping making those steps forward so you can come home!!

  2. Great job little man!! Grow, grow, grow Cooper!! This news makes my day! love

  3. So glad to see he's doing well! :)

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