Sunday, August 11, 2013

Four Weeks Old

Cooper is still doing very well. We had another small but exciting step forward today. Cooper got to wear clothes for the first time! We put him in a sleeper (the smallest preemie sleeper we have) then swaddled him for cuddle time with Jake.

Cooper was in Jake's arms for almost 3 hours and his temperature stayed up so the nurse turned the bed to manual temp then left Cooper clothed and swaddled and covered him with a fleece blanket and left him to test to see how well he can maintain his own temperature.

I think he enjoys being swaddled. He seems to be sleeping heavier and doesn't drop his blood oxygen level as often. Hopefully this becomes his new norm!

Cooper weighs 3 lbs 1 oz tonight and is 15.5 inches long! Look how cute he is in his giraffe sleeper. It says Little nickname for him. We have to keep his left arm out of the sleeve until he gets the IV out.


  1. He looks fantastic maggie!

  2. He looks comfy!! What a precious baby boy! He is just so handsome!! I can not wait to see him! Love you Cooper!