Monday, August 12, 2013

Cooper's NICU Room

We are so lucky to have Cooper staying at Benefis here in Great Falls. The staff is absolutely fantastic but what really sets this NICU apart is that each baby has his own room. Usually a NICU is one large room with rows of isolettes or cribs. I think if we did not have a seperate room I would not be as comfortable here and would not stay and visit as long as I do.

Here is a tour of Cooper's room.

The door to the hall. We have the end room so it has an angled doorway and is a little larger than the other rooms. Some of the nurses call it the "king's suite"

To the right of the door is Cooper and all of his accessories. The isolette, monitors, IV pumps, and respiratory equipment.
To the right of Cooper is a little nook by the window. This is the perfect place to pump because the view from the door is blocked by the isolette.

On the wall opposite the isolette is the bench. The bench is so not comfortable for sitting, but it's great for napping! The cabinets and drawers built in to the bench are for family storage so I brought all of Cooper's preemie clothes and some blankets to keep here.

To the right of the bench is the sink area, then back to the door.
Isn't it great? Thankfully it doesn't feel so much like a hospital. It's our second home for a couple of months!

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  1. That is really awesome! I have always thought the "traditional" when thinking of NICU. Who ever designed this was really thinking about the families needs as a whole. Fantastic!! Love