Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cinnamon Swirl Cake

I tried a recipe for a cinnamon swirl cake today. As you will soon realize, I don't really make anything from scratch. I love recipes that start with some kind of mix from a box, and then you add to it to make it better. Those"semi-homemade" recipes are the perfect kind for me! So if you have any favs, please share!

It comes from the July 09 Wives Cookbook Blog that I contribute to. Here is the complete recipe.

I loved the recipe! SO easy, and SO yummy too! I don't have my mixer here in Italy, so I had to hand beat the batter for 10 minutes (OK..really I only lasted like 5!) but it turned out fine. And I used two round cake pans instead of the bundt pan.

My ingredients

Here is the batter, right after I "cut in" the cinnamon/sugar mixture.

My final product. Don't make fun of the icing. I'm really bad at icing!

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