Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Potatoes & Old Cars

Last night, Jake grilled steaks, so I wanted to try a new potato recipe that the ladies I worked with at Bismarck have always raved about.
The recipe for Onion Roasted Potatoes is right on the back of the box for Lipton Onion Soup Mix. It's just one packet of soup mix, extra virgin olive oil, and cut up potatoes. Mix and bake. That's my kind of recipe!
Jake is working nights this week, but he still got up early today to take a friend to Venice to the airport. He pulled the car out of the garage and turned it off for a few minutes to clean it out. And then it wouldn't start. So I had a little mechanic lesson this afternoon!

Something about the starter won't release some magnet thing. So, now we have to carry around a long extender tool so if it won't start again we have to pound on the starter until it releases. I had him put it in layman's terms so I can understand it. Jake claims cars are easier than math. No way!

Just to be safe, we are running our errands on the motorcycle today!

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  1. You've got to get a picture of you cruising around on the motorcycle up here! Looks like you're getting all settled in.