Friday, July 31, 2009

Shopping and Sightseeing

I spent today with one of the girls that I met at the HeartLink class. We went to two different malls in Pordenone, including the one with an H&M! Apparently, H&M is so not cool to Italians, but I love it! I got a super cute dress and cotton top there, and two tunics, a pair of shorts, and some leggings from other stores in the mall. And only one item was over 10 Euro! There is so much fashion inspiration here in Italy, that I want to buy trendy clothes. I love it! My fashionista nieces would love shopping here!

Then we drove up the side of the mountains and saw an AMAZING view of the town of Aviano and the base. I didn't realize how LONG the flightline really is! I'm really sorry that I didn't have my camera with me, but we did make plans to come back next week with cameras, so I may be able to post that next week.

Then, when I called Jake, he was on the golf course, so Meagan and I went to dinner without the boys at BEFeD. (Not a typo, the e really is the only lowercase letter in the name) They serve amazing chicken with french fries, yum!

A pretty fun filled exciting day in the life of a military wife.

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