Sunday, July 19, 2009


Meet Jake & Maggie.

Jake is a Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force. He enjoys playing golf and riding his motorcycle.

I (Maggie) was a math teacher in Missouri, but am taking a break from teaching to be able to live with Jake. I also enjoy playing golf, doing crafts (like scrapbooking & sewing) and baking.

Jake & I were married on July 4th, 2009. Jake was already stationed at Aviano Air Force Base in Italy, so I joined him there after the wedding.

We are scheduled to PSC (permanent change of station) in December, so we plan to use our time in Europe to travel and do as much as possible, but I am also excited to find out where we go next!

I plan to use this blog to post pictures of our travels, show some of my latest crafting creations, and share some of my favorite recipes!

Follow along in the ever changing life of a military wife!

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  1. Enjoy italy and Europe as much as you can while yall are there. Me and the Hubby are PCSing(H is in the AF also) to England a week after the wedding and we are stoked!