Sunday, July 26, 2009


We went to Venice yesterday, so as promised, here is an extra long post with lots of photos!
One of my favorite pictures of us ever!
Rialto Bridge.
Grand Canal.
Just a small canal.
San Marcos Basillica.
The Campanile.
San Marcos Basillica.
We have had too much Italian food lately, so we had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe!
In San Marcos Square.
Big Clock.
Close-up of San Marcos Basillica.
Jake likes his cappuccino.
Cartier, and an old building.
Just another small canal.
Window shopping!
Gelato time! By the way, the guy beside me is Jake's friend Chuck.
Jake wanted to share his gelato.
One last picture before we catch the train.
Drinking beer on the train ride home.


  1. Hard Rock! Now that's what i'm talkin' bout!

  2. Let's go back when you guys come visit!