Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finally something Jake LOVES!

With every dinner I make, Jake will say it's "Not bad." I've always known Jake is a pretty picky eater, but I was starting to think that there would never be something that he just out right claimed to actually like! Well, he loves White Castle hamburgers and it is always the first meal he wants when he gets back to the US to visit. A church friend from back home, Beth Klenke, gave me a recipe for homemade White Castle burgers, so I tried it out tonight. Jake actually said it was great! GREAT! I'll admit, it did taste just like the White Castle burgers, just without all that nasty grease!

2 lb hamburger (brown & drain)
8 oz. cheese whiz or velveeta (I used velveeta)
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 envelope onion soup mix
12 dollar rolls

Just mix all the ingredient in a skillet, and scoop onto dollar rolls.

Seriously, that easy!


  1. Hey I love reading your blog, me and my hubby just PCSed to England a few weeks ago. I started a new married blog, but Ive made it private so if you would like to be invited to it, you can email me your email address at casandifer@gmail.com.

  2. To make it a real White Castle, you just gotta have a little grease!