Monday, August 31, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

I do not in any way consider myself a movie critic, but this one disappointed me so deeply that I feel the need to voice my opinion. I do promise to not ruin the ending for those of you that do still want to see it.

I really don't read many books, but I saw this book in the walmart best sellers section earlier this summer to grabbed it to help break up the constant wedding planning. I did really enjoy the book. I wouldn't say it was one of my favorites, but I love books with a surprise twist ending, so this ended up being a pretty good book in my eyes.

The movie came to the base last week, so we girls planned a movie night. Everyone kept telling us we would bawl our eyes out by the end. Well, I did NOT cry! Actually, I yelped "WHAT!" at the part that most of the people in the theater were crying.

Here are a few of the things that really made me mad:

- Anna is 13 in the book, but 11 in the movie. Considering she is trying to sue her parents, the age difference is pretty significant in my eyes!

- Kate and her boyfriend, Taylor, did something together in the movie that they did NOT do in the book. I know it was all for extra drama, but I really don't think it was necessary. In fact, overall Kate is a much more central figure in the movie.

- Pretty much all of Jesse's story was left out. I figured that's just because the movie didn't have enough time.

- The guardian ad liem, Julia, is completely cut out of the movie, but again that's probably just because of time restraints. By cutting her, they also cut a pretty in depth side story of her romance with Campbell.

- Which brings me to one of the biggest disappointments; Campbell has a service dog, Judge, but no one knows why he needs a service dog, so Campbell makes up witty reasons each time he is asked. In the book, he must have come up with 10 different witty responses, but in the movie we only hear 2. Those were a nice comedic break in the book, and really they wouldn't not have taken up much time in the movie.

- How Brian came up with Anna's name when she was born is a cute little side story that I also think would not have taken much time to include, so I'm sad that they didn't.

- In the end, the REAL reason for the trial is the same in the movie and the book, and the outcome of the trial is the same as well, but a certain dramatic event at the end of the movie is too predictable, and not at all how the book ends. This was by far the biggest disappointment and is why I now wish I had never seen the movie!

Overall, if you are not a reader, watch the movie, it is actually good if you haven't read the book and don't plan to. But if you are a reader, skip the movie altogether and just read it!

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