Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Silly Italian Internet

It has been a whole week since I blogged last! Part of that is because I haven't been taking any pictures. But the big problem in this silly Italian internet! No problems during the day, but in the evenings (when I usually want to blog) it is very tricky. It is very frustrating to have it cut out every 3 minutes, which requires restarting the connecting program, which takes about 3 minutes. So 3 on, 3 off, 3 on, 3 off, gets very annoying!

Enough of my vent, here is an update of some of the highlights from the past week!

On Friday night, Jake and I went to Azzano Dicimo to have dinner at Pizza Jazz with Jake's friend from work and his wife. They have an adorable baby girl and she gives me some baby fever! But I always said I want 3 years to be a "newlywed" before I become a "newlymom!"

Saturday was my daddy birthday!

On Sunday night, we went to dinner with my new friends Meagan & Katie and their husbands at Western House. I got a burger and fries! It was amazing how good it was! By the way, Katie also has an adorable baby girl. More baby fever! Then we went to the movie theater on base to see Land of the Lost. It was pretty silly, but I do love Will Ferrell.

On Tuesday morning, Meagan (my regular workout buddy) and I went to a yoga class. It kicked my butt! I've gone to yoga classes before, but they would last about 30 minutes and were never too hard on me. But the class we went to worked I think every muscle in my body, muscles I didn't even know existed. I still hurt, 2 days later!

Tuesday night, Meagan, Katie, Betsy, & I went to an ACES meeting. ACES is Aviano Community Enlisted Spouses club. The club emphasizes on volunteering around the community. All funds raised goes toward scholarships, donations, and local orphanages. It seems like a great way to get involved so Meagan and I are going to try to volunteer to help organize the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk that is scheduled for this fall.

Yesterday (Wednesday) Meagan, Katie, Betsy, & I attended the PWOC bible study. PWOC means Protestant Women of Chapel. Then that evening Jake and I went to a local store called Ovvios. It reminds me a lot of IKEA. I got a set of three kitchen towels that look exactly like the Burberry print. I'm going to try to make a Burberry apron. Watch for updates on that! We also got a new duvet cover. Ovvios is officially my new favorite store!

Today is Meagan's birthday, so we are going to the Sacile market this morning, and this evening all of us girls and our hubbies are going to Vecchio's for dinner. She loves to bake, so I got her the Semi-Homemade Desserts Cookbook. I hope she likes it!

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