Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New plan for the Guest Bedroom

In this post I mentioned that I'm so over my current guest bedroom decor. I've listed the bed linens, mirror, and rug for sale on the base yardsale website and have already had a couple of people show interest in at least looking at the items! Hopefully I can move those items out this week so I can redecorate this weekend!

I really don't want to repaint in there, so I took Rachel's advice and just googled "orange wall color" and found a few rooms with orange paint that will fit with the country feel I'm going for.

So, these were my 3 favorites, and the obvious similarity is white. Luckily, I already have a nice white cotton duvet cover that will fit my queen duvet. I went to Ross last week and bought a set of white 300 thread count sheets for under $12 and a nice brown plush blanket to throw at the foot of the bed for $8. I LOVE Ross for great deals on bed linens! (Jake found a super plump Calvin Klein pillow for $8!)  Now I just need a couple of throw pillows and wall decor. I have an idea using a vinyl decal on an old window that I'd like to try as a headboard. Look for that post soon!

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