Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cooper the Trooper

Today has been a good day. Cooper is now getting 1 cc of my milk every 3 hours and so far he has been digesting it well. His bilirubin level is better but he is going to be under the blue light for the rest of today to get it even better before turning it off tomorrow.

Each morning he gets a tiny bit of blood drawn to run labs but today the blood clotted before they could run the test,  so they had to poke him again. Then we got word that it clotted again. I could tell Nurse T felt bad that she had to poke him again. When it came back a third time Dr R finally decided to cancel that test. He was such a trooper each time. He didn't cry at all!

He's definitely a stretcher. He always has his feet sticking up and his hands somewhere around his head. Today I looked at Jake taking a nap on the bench in Cooper's room, and he had his hand covering his face.  Then I looked at Coop and he had his hand covering his face. Coincidence? Probably, but still adorable!


  1. Love this picture! And Jake and Cooper sleeping the same way - that's inherited!

  2. I have looked at my boys n husband when they are having the same looks or mannerisms...its hysterical n cute...even funnier when u notice they have some of ur own quirks.