Friday, July 26, 2013

The Gift

It hit me yesterday that there is a big positive in this situation. I have gained an extra 74 days with my child. I got to see his beautiful face early. I get to hold him every day. I get to see his reaction when he hears my voice. I get to bond with him in ways that I couldn't if he were still in the womb. He is getting the nutrients he needs better than he was in the womb, and I get to watch his progress day by day. In that way his prematurity is a gift and I will take advantage of my extra time with him as much as possible.

Caring for him this morning was wonderful. 8am seems to be his most alert time of the day, which is funny because before he was born I would always feel the most kicks, rolls, and stretches first thing in the morning. He is certainly a morning person!

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  1. Maggie I love following Cooper's journey. Thank you so much for posting it. Little man is so wonderful & he will feel your positive attitude and thrive from it! Give him kisses for me. Love