Friday, July 5, 2013

Weeks 24-28

Wow, I got behind on posting my weekly photos!
Week 24
Week 25

Week 26

Weel 27

Week 28
So that's how I look, as for how I feel...I feel huge! I know I still have almost three months and we're only going to be bigger, but it's not just in the belly that I feel huge. I'm having extensive swelling everyday. I know it is happening because of my job. I'm a bank teller, so I'm on my feet literally the entire 8 hours I'm on the clock, so by the end of my shift, my legs and ankles look huge! I have some swelling in my face and hands as well, but the swelling in my legs, ankles, and feet are the worst. If I have time to prop my feet up in the evenings, it might go away, but there are still mornings when I wake up and the swelling hasn't gone down much. It's hard to even get into shoes at the beginning of the day. I just keep telling myself that once the baby is born, all the swelling will go away, but I don't get to wear any of my cute summer dresses or capris because I don't want anyone to see my huge ankles.
On a positive note, I have an ultrasound on Tuesday! They are going to check to be sure that my placenta has moved up so I won't be at risk of placenta previa. I'm honestly not really worried about that since they say that most of the time the placenta moves up on it's own. I'm just excited to see my baby boy again! 

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  1. yay mags! Ya from here on out the pregnancy just gets more uncomfortable,and its hard to believe how much bigger your belly is still going to get. You'll back at these pics and be amazed at how tiny you were:)
    Oh- as far as the feet swelling, have you tried compression socks? I has to get some when I was preggo and they really help the circulation in the legs and feet. I mean yes, they are the "old" people socks, but its worth a try. Can't wait to see your little guy:)