Saturday, July 20, 2013


I spend a lot of time at night in the nursery, sitting in the glider,  pumping. My sweet dog Diesel likes to come in and lay on the rug to keep me company.
I can tell that the dogs know something is going on. They just look at me with a puzzled look like they know something isn't right. I'm excited for the day when we bring Cooper home and get to see a real reaction from the dogs.


  1. It always seems like animals have that sense of what is going on in our bodies and in our lives. No matter what the situation they have empathy for us. I feel sure that Cooper will grow up under the protecting eye of your dogs!

  2. Odin was a crazy man during my pregnancy and then calm during labor. When we brought Isaac home they just acted like he was part of the pack and he'd always been there.
    Jen Hensley