Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Quick update

Cooper has been off the light since yesterday since his bilirubin level is better.  He has also been tolerating all of his feedings through the feeding tube so he is now up to 7 mL every three hours! He lost his little umbilical cord stub and now has the cutest little belly button. I got to hold him for three whole hours today and Nurse C showed me how to give him his bi-weekly bath tonight. He is still dropping his heart rate every once in awhile, but he is able to self correct, but it still scares this mama every time!


  1. You are doing awesome! Being a mommy is hard, being a mommy of a premie in the nicu is harder! He is such a cutie and a tough little guy!
    Jen Hensley

  2. So sweet! Youre a great mommy!