Saturday, July 27, 2013

It Finally Happened

I knew this would happen, everyone prepared me for it, but it still makes me so sad. When I walked in the NICU this morning, for the first time the nurse, Nurse C had a not so great report. She said Cooper has had lots of episodes of bradycardia, bad enough that he doesn't fix himself, where she has to come in and stimulate him to start breathing again. She said it is still very normal for his age, but he's been doing so well I hoped he would get through that stage without that issue.

To help him, they bumped his oxygen level up to 25, up until now he had been breathing 21, the same that you and I breathe. They also bumped his CPAP back up to 5, while he had been at 4 for a week. With these changes he seems to be doing better. It's sad that he has these set backs, but I don't want to rush his progress. I'm glad that the doctor and nurses know what's best for him.

On a positive note, when we weighed Cooper last night he was 2 lbs 7 oz, his new high!

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  1. We continue to pray that GOD give strength to all three of you. There will be highs & lows as with everything in life but Cooper is growing!! Stay strong little man and keep growing!! Love!