Thursday, January 12, 2012


As I feared when I REstarted this blog, I had nothing exciting in my life today to blog about, so I'll just brag about the fact that I live in Montana.

I have to say, so many military wives here in Great Falls do nothing but complain about the lack of shopping, cold weather, abundance of snow, and that there is never anything fun to do. I say, any place you go is only as good as you make it. I'll admit, the shopping isn't as good as a big city...but there is a small mall, some bigger stores like Old Navy and Target, and lots of fun little boutiques downtown. Anyway...doesn't everyone shop on amazon these days? Yes it gets cold and snows take up snowboarding! And as for the comments that there is never anything fun to do...that is just false! There are lots of museums, beautiful parks, car races at the Speedway, a large Farmer's Market every weekend in summer, fun community events downtown, the River's Edge Trail along the Missouri River, always shows, plays, or concerts, and the Montana State Fair is hosted here every August!

And...tons and tons of these...

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